Stay strong


Change happens. Stay Strong.

I strive for clarity and excellence in the analysis, display and presentation of quantitative and qualitative data. I have broad design skills, from landscape design to computer interface design. I believe in bicycling as serious transportation, beyond its great value as sport and recreation. I believe that people who ride bicycles have the power to create communities and cities that are cleaner, quieter, greener and better. I have ridden bicycles since I was very young and I raced bikes too.

I have experience in project management, communications, design, and development.  My background is broad and varied, and includes working in leadership, creative, and production areas. I have worked in both public and private sectors. I can manage many projects and clients concurrently. I am a highly effective public speaker.  I am an excellent writer, photographer, organizer, computer geek and data lover.

I am an artist and papermaker